As of October 1st 2021 nicotine vaping products require a prescription from an Authorised Australian Prescriber. myduke® pharmacy can assist.

How it Works

myduke® pharmacy helps you access vaping and smoking cessation products, delivered to your door. We connect you with registered doctors authorised to prescribe, and registered pharmacists, authorised to dispense. You can order whenever you like or on subscription. We facilitate the entire process.

1. Choose your product

Our vape products are sourced from an established New Zealand manufacturer. Find what you need or discuss with our expert team and add it to your cart. Choose a one-off order or a regular subscription.

2. Medical assessment

For your first myduke® pharmacy order, you will need to fill out an online medical assessment. This information is very important, and no initial order can be processed without these details.

3. Doctor review

For prescription orders, one of our partner registered Australian doctors (Authorised Prescribers) will check your medical assessment and product/s to make sure they fit your needs. If approved, they will write a FREE prescription and send it to the pharmacy.

4. Pharmacy dispense

The pharmacist will check over your prescription and your order, as a secondary check for suitability. They will also give you a quick call (the first time you order) to confirm your details. If approved, they will prepare your order for postage. myduke® pharmacy orders are sent registered express post via Australia Post with tracking details provided.

5. Ongoing consultations

Every patient takes part in FREE doctor phone consultations facilitated by myduke® pharmacy. Every 12 months, we’ll touch base so the doctor can provide support, check your nicotine dosage, and monitor your progress. You will get an alert when you are due for a check-up. You can also speak with a doctor at any point in time (free of charge) if need be.


Vaping has changed in Australia. From 1 October 2021, no one can buy nicotine e-cigarettes or e-liquids without a valid doctor’s prescription. myduke® pharmacy provides FREE prescriptions with every order.

How does it work?

Nicotine is now a Schedule 4 Prescription Only Medicine in the Poisons Standard (when prepared for therapeutic use). That means you need a doctor to prescribe it to you.

Australian doctors can do this through the Authorised Prescriber Scheme, which lets medical practitioners supply therapeutic goods that aren’t covered by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Once they’ve got an authorised prescription, Australian pharmacists can dispense nicotine e-cigarettes.

What does myduke® pharmacy do?

myduke® pharmacy facilitates the vaping prescription process. We give you access to Authorised Prescribers (registered Australian doctors) and an authorised dispensing pharmacist: My Duke Pharmacy. You can shop vapes ongoing, get free expert medical advice, and refill your free prescriptions, all in the one spot.

What about refills and repeats?

myduke® pharmacy facilitates the entire process. Remember every script is FREE.

If you qualify for treatment and our partner doctor has approved your order, your prescription will be sent to My Duke Pharmacy upon your approval (as per our Terms and Conditions). Each prescription will allow 12 total monthly orders (the prescription plus 11 repeats). Each order whether once-off or subscription will be marked as a monthly or quarterly order by you at checkout.

  • If you run out of repeats (12 total monthly orders), our partner doctor will need to re-approve you for treatment. myduke® pharmacy will facilitate the entire process and contact you as required.
  • If you order a quarterly supply, this will equate to 3 total monthly orders in one order. Each prescription will therefore last for 4 quarterly orders.
  • If your prescription expires (after 12 months and is unused), our partner doctor will need to re-approve you for treatment. myduke® pharmacy will facilitate the entire process and contact you as required.
  • If your next order significantly exceeds to amount of nicotine from your previous order, our partner doctor will need to re-approve you for treatment. myduke® pharmacy will facilitate the entire process and contact you as required.

In short, myduke® pharmacy manages this whole process for you. All your free prescriptions, free consultations, free repeats and orders are visible in your online account.

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