Quit Smoking

myduke® pharmacy offers treatments to help reduce your nicotine intake. As a tool for smoking cessation, vapes can tackle your nicotine cravings and can assist in reducing your nicotine intake over time. A lot of vapers are either trying to quit smoking or have transitioned from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The difference? Smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco leaves. Vaping delivers nicotine through vapourised liquid. The nicotine is still addictive, and by accessing the myduke® pharmacy service, the goal is to kick it entirely.

How vaping works

Vaping may give smokers the same feel of a cigarette. The whole process has been designed to mimic smoking, with stepped nicotine doses to help reduce your intake.

See Quitting Alternatives to browse our range of other smoking cessation tools.

Vapes for quitting smoking

If you are a current smoker who is new to vaping, you’ll find there are a lot of products out there. There are different devices, coils, e-liquids, salts, and flavours. Pod vaping devices mimic the Mouth to Lung (MTL) action. Pod vapes are basic to use.

Refillable vapes are refillable with e-liquid, so you can swap flavours and adjust the amount of e-liquid.

myduke® pharmacy also offers other TGA approved treatments to help reduce your nicotine intake.

Vapes for heavy smokers

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes daily, you are considered a heavy smoker. Mouth to Lung devices can be adjusted with a stronger nicotine dose in your e-liquid (e.g. 9mg +), then gradually be reduced over time. If you need further information or assistance with moving from heavy smoking to vaping, please contact our expert team.

Treatment Guide

How quickly you finish your e-liquid or pod will generally depend on how many cigarettes you would smoke daily. The first table below may act as a guide for you.



30ml E-Liquid

100ml E-Liquid

Light smoker

Less than half a pack of cigarettes per day.

6–8 days

2.5 weeks

6 weeks

Medium smoker

Half to one pack of cigarettes per day.

2–4 days

1.5 weeks

4 weeks

Heavy smoker

One pack or more of cigarettes per day.

2 days

5 days

2.5 weeks

There are various nicotine level options to suit your doctor's prescribed dose. The table below may act as a guide for you. It is best to consult a medical expert to understand what product is best for you.











We're always here to help. myduke® pharmacy also offers alternative treatments to help reduce your nicotine intake. Discuss with our expert team to see what smoking cessation option is suitable for you.