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My Duke Pharmacy is owned and operated by MEPH Pharmacy Pty Ltd and committed to helping people stop smoking and avoid the downsides of cigarette addiction.

Upholding pharmacy standards

My Duke Pharmacy is based in Melbourne, Victoria and use the most stringent manufacturing standards, advanced equipment and purchase base ingredients only from certified, GMP suppliers. All vaping products dispensed by My Duke Pharmacy meet the highest possible standards and levels of compliance ensuring the safest possible experience for patients.

myduke® and My Duke Pharmacy are also committed to the transparent, safe and efficient provision of services to all patients and welcome questions or requests for further information at all times.

The TGA has introduced a new standard for nicotine vaping products, known as the Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Nicotine Vaping Products (TGO 110) Order 2021 (TGO 110)), that comes into effect on 1 October 2021. TGO 110 includes minimum safety and quality requirements for unapproved nicotine vaping products.

All vaping products dispensed by My Duke Pharmacy meet the new standard including:

  • what information is needed on the product's label (including an over sticker or in an information sheet provided with the product).
  • what child-resistant packaging is needed.
  • limits on the concentration of nicotine in the product and for actual nicotine concentration/content to reflect what the product's label says.
  • ingredients that are prohibited in these products.
  • records that need to be kept by the Australian sponsor for the product.

Dispensing nicotine

Please note My Duke Pharmacy will only dispense if you’re identified as a bona fide patient and your order is accompanied with a prescription from an Australian Authorised Prescriber. Not to worry as the prescription process is managed by myduke® and provided free every time.

Get your nicotine product safely dispensed from My Duke Pharmacy. Browse our range of products, choose the product that is suitable for you and complete the medical assessment to get started.

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