About vaping

If you are new to vaping our expert team can assist you. Our service is supported by authorised doctors and pharmacists along with our patient services team. We have a variety of products to suit individual patient needs.

E-liquid varieties

There are more traditional flavours, like tobacco and menthol, as well as fruitier options. You can also get flavourless vapes for those that prefer no flavour at all. Our expert team is always here to help.

Customising and storing your vape

Different coils, like ceramic coils, can enhance the flavour, and can adjust the wattage of your device.

E-liquid can degrade over time, especially if it’s not stored correctly. Always keep your e-liquid away from direct sunlight and heat. Cool, dark cupboards work best.

Does it matter what e-liquid I use?

It can. Not all vaping products are the same, and some devices only work with particular e-liquids. You should always read the product carefully to make sure it’s compatible with your device, but here are a few rules to get you started. Sub-ohm vapes can only be used with freebase e-liquids. Pod vapes are a bit more flexible. They work with freebase liquids and salts (as long as they’ve got a high ohm coil – 0.8ohm or above). It’s all quite technical and we can help if you need more info. The Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung devices available from our pharmacy work with all the e-liquid flavours available from our pharmacy.

We're always here to help. myduke® pharmacy also offers alternative treatments to help reduce your nicotine intake. Discuss with our expert team to see what smoking cessation option is suitable for you.