As of October 1st 2021 nicotine vaping products require a prescription from an Authorised Australian Prescriber. myduke® pharmacy can assist.

About Vaping

If you are new to vaping our expert team can assist you. Our service is supported by authorised doctors and pharmacists along with our patient services team. We have a variety of products to suit individual patient needs.

More information about vaping

Vape devices are simple to use. Inside every e-cigarette is a coil, a tank and a battery. When you inhale a vape, the battery powers the coil, which heats the e-liquid in the tank, turning it into vapour. Unlike cigarettes, there is no smoke or tobacco. E-liquid is usually made from three things: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food-grade flavouring. It can also contain nicotine.

Due to new legislation in Australia, patients need a doctor's prescription from an Authorised Prescriber to be prescribed nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquids. myduke® pharmacy can help Australians as part of their journey to quit smoking.

What to look for?

There are risks with any vaping product. Poorer quality products may contain chemical compounds like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. myduke® pharmacy source its vape products from an established New Zealand manufacturer. All products are manufactured in an ISO7 clean room and tested by an independent lab in Australia. Our medical team only prescribe products that meet these standards.

Mouth to Lung vs Direct to Lung

Vaping comes in two basic categories. The first is the Mouth to Lung (MTL), where vapour is drawn into the mouth, then pulled down into the lungs. The second is Direct to Lung (DTL), which has higher airflow and gets inhaled directly. Mouth to Lung can be a bit gentler, and it better resembles the draw of a cigarette. Direct to Lung gives a stronger flavour and can be harsher on your throat.

Types of vapes

There are different devices, coils, e-liquids and flavours. Pod vaping devices mimic the Mouth to Lung (MTL) action. Pod vapes are basic to use.

Refillable vapes are refillable with e-liquid, so you can swap flavours and adjust the amount of e-liquid.

myduke® pharmacy also offers alternative treatments to help reduce your nicotine intake.

Treatment guide

How quickly you finish your e-liquid or pod will generally depend on how many cigarettes you would smoke daily. The first table below may act as a guide for you.


30ml E-Liquid

100ml E-Liquid

Light smoker

Less than half a pack of cigarettes per day.

6–8 days

2.5 weeks

6 weeks

Medium smoker

Half to one pack of cigarettes per day.

2–4 days

1.5 weeks

4 weeks

Heavy smoker

One pack or more of cigarettes per day.

2 days

5 days

2.5 weeks

There are various nicotine level options to suit your doctor's prescribed dose. The table below may act as a guide for you. It is best to consult a medical expert to understand what product is best for you.











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Understand the risks of vaping.

Vaping Risks

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